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Stay at The Stone Cottage and connect with the roots of Himachal

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

We have tried our best to preserve the Kath Khuni style architecture, a traditional style of building houses in the Hills of Himachal Pradesh established by the locals because of the harsh weather conditions.

The Stone Cottage of Autumnred was constructed in the same Kath Khuni style and is our little diamond of the orchards because of its 70-year history as it was the very first construction on the grounds to be used as the Main House.

On visiting this quaint beauty you will see that the authentic construction still remains intact, as the focus on preserving the original while updating the interiors to be modern and inviting makes it truly unique and special. Hence we can rightfully call it one of the Best cottage in Manali.

The Stone Cottage comprises of 2 bedrooms, a sitting area, a study, and two extra beds. Every room overlooks the Manali valley and a beautiful private garden where we could help you set up a picnic or a small party!

Who is the stone cottage perfect for? The Stone Cottage is perfect for a variety of people. Whether you’re a small family of 4-6, a group of friends, or even a romantic couple looking for a peaceful getaway, this cottage has everything you need to feel comfortable and at home. There is extra bedding already available in the cottage which can be made as and when needed!

With its stunning views, cozy bedrooms, and a study overlooking the mountains, this rustic cottage will make for an ultimate retreat for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating stay in the great outdoors of the Himalayas.

Visit our website- and book a stay with us.

Contact us on- +91-9810752606/ 9810032606 and get to know more

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